We bring a taste of culinary traditions from across Vietnam, using fresh prime ingredients we source direct from the country and other parts of the world. Our curated recipe is designed with love, heart and passion.

 At saigonkitchen, we do our traditional home cooking and everything is slow made from scratch. Our poultry comes from Mary’s free-range chicken. Beef and pork are antibiotics-free and all natural. We support locally harvested produce and sustainable farming. Anyhow, you will taste the difference in our food. Everything is prepared and made fresh daily in small batches, so it’s naturally we would run out of certain dishes; we thank you for your kind understanding.




Our goal


888 Griffiths Way, Mainland ML12345

T: 987.654.3210
E: info@yoursite.com


We are proud of the specialties our restaurant has to offer. All of our food is freshly made at the time of order.


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